Thursday, July 30, 2015

Vignettes Doing Double Duty - A Reflection of Beauty and Inspiring the Possibilities

One of the challenges with running an antique shop (or probably any shop for that matter) is that there are always more things to do than time in the day to actually do them. As a result, usually something has to give. One of those things is usually magazines… When you’ve got clients walking around in the shop, shippers trying to figure out where they’re delivering to and someone on 1stdibs offering you less than you paid for a pair of sconces… you don’t always have time to sit down and flip through the latest issue of Veranda or Atlanta magazine.

However, on those occasions I do find a moment and get an opportunity to flip through the pages of this magazine or that one, I always go right to the pictorials as I like to see what designers are doing in different settings, or, simply what’s out there. Magazines are one of the great resources for finding ideas on putting together vignettes. While I never try to replicate exactly what I’ve seen in a magazine, it’s seeing the execution of different pieces together that gets the mind working about what I have in the shop that might go with something else.

At the same time, I like to see when a designer or decorator has used something similar to an item we have in the shop – of course the ideal is that they would actually use the piece from the shop – and see what they did with it. I often find myself saying… “Interesting… I wouldn’t have thought of that table in that setting… but it looks great!”

This month’s Veranda magazine was full of beautiful vignettes and extraordinary views in a variety of settings.  From a hillside New England cottage to a Texas sized Houston manse to a waterfront Florida escape, it’s nice to know that great design and great pieces can add beauty and style anywhere someone’s willing to put their vision to work.


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