Thursday, December 1, 2016

When Lions Roar... and other accessories to bring a room to life!

Often when people think of interior design they think of curtains, paint colors, tables, seating, chandeliers etc. Those are of course the workhorses of design, they are the foundations upon which everything is built in creating just the right look whether a single room or an entire house. Foundations are important of course, but they are rarely the whole story. One of the key elements of, and one of the most challenging aspects of design are the accessories. Whether it’s a panel on this wall, a mirror on that wall or a set of gilded candlesticks on a buffet, just the right accessory can spark magic in a room or bring a foyer to life.

While there are myriad types of accessories coming in all shapes and sizes, we’d like to focus on one small area of accessories: Animals!

From lions to dogs to elephants, animals make for wonderful conversation pieces, and not just because of what they are, but for the images they bring to our minds. A carved dog often makes visitors think of their own precious pooches… A sculpture of a lion makes us think of the king of the Wild as he lays under a tree in the Serengeti surveying his domain. A wooden elephant makes us think of an ancient Indian society where a Maharaja might travel by elephant. But of course that’s exactly what accessories do, they highlight, they accentuate, or sometimes they even become the stars of the room themselves, the things that visitors remember six months after they visited…

And so, as the holiday approaches and you’re wondering what to get that person who has everything or you’re thinking of that client whose master bedroom is missing that last perfect accessory, we’d like to showcase a menagerie of choices that might be just what you’re looking for.

Gilded Wood Whippet

Carved wood Lion of Lucerene 

Early 20th Century leather Indian horse on custom stand

An expressive 19th Century Italian terracotta lion on marbleized wood base

Terracotta cow from southern India

Pair of Italian Faux-Marble Lions

European leather hippopotamus with glass eyes

Carved Wood Roaring Lion

A Burmese Merry-Go-Round tiger made of painted wood 

A pair of terracotta British colonial lions from India

A realistic rhino head sculpture of carved wood and composite

Pair of Cast Stone Greyhounds

A pair of British Colonial terracotta elephants

British Colonial terracotta lions

Below are vignettes from our shop featuring some of these pieces.

If none of these animals jump out at you... we invite you to visit our accessories section to look for that perfect something that will bring a room to life.